The tendon boots that will keep your pony's legs cool and protected. The HUSK has been hard at work to design an even better fitting boot, the Irenita Sport Boot II, incorporating all of the advantages of model I, and now made in the UK.


Imagined by the late international polo vet Dr Jorge MacDonough, designed and tested by HUSK alongside the MacDonough family over a number of years to create the ultimate 3D impact protection with full ventilation to minimise damage by over heating


Where do these boots protect?

  • Tendon, back and sides of fetlock, inside and outside of cannon

How do these boots protect?

  • These boots are made with a combination of 3D impact dissipating material used in bullet proof vests and riding helmets to name a few.  The material is like a flexible honeycomb cage that compresses, but not fully, to take the brunt of the force at the site where it is applied rather than driving it away from the material as with solid materials

How do these boots keep legs cool?

  • Using 3D honeycomb material, the hot air can not only pass away from the leg, but cool air can circulate within the boot to keep the temperature down

  • Which disciplines are these boots suitable for?

Key features

  • Axe and knife tested to demonstrate successful impact protection
  • Water passes straight through
  • Hygienic - boots can be hosed or washed in a machine at 30 degrees
  • Quick dry - boots dry in up to 30min after total submergence in water
  • 150g a boot (MM)
  • Stylish - Boots are designed to fit contour of horses' legs, cut away at front of fetlock to give freedom of movement

Standard colours

  • Black, army green, or black and white



The HUSK La Irenita Sport Boot II (front legs)

  • Supplied as a pair of boots: two MS or MM for the front legs

    MS = Medium Short: circumference 23 cm / 9" - height 26 cm / 10.25" 

    MM = Medium Mid: circumference 24 cm / 9.5" - height 28 cm / 11" 

    Rough Size Guide:

    Argentine/Petite Thoroughbred/Andalusian - 

    MS Fronts

    ML Hind

    US/Australian Thoroughbred/Fine Warmblood - 

    MM Fronts

    ML Hind



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