The Sporting Designs polo clock:

1. Large enough to be from across the field so that all players and spectators are able to see it.

2. Can be seen clearly in bright sunlight.

3. Helps players plan their game knowing how much time is left.

4. Helps spectators understand the game

Polo clock

  • Polo clock with stand, comprising three 18 inch digits for the clock and manual buttons for operation and a two tone bell / horn. The polo clock is designed to be powered by a 12 Volt leisure battery,

    Control of the unit is by means of a simple remote control unit which operates wirelessly. Only 6 buttons make it simple to operate. This unit is powered by two AAA batteries. The remote control unit may be operated by a separate timekeeper but is even small enough to be worn on an umpire’s wrist. (See photograph).

    If you are based in Ireland or the UK, please contact Sporting Designs Ltd. at



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