Five generations of artisanal polo bootmakers, based in the same workshop since 1892 in Hurlingham, Argentina. Casa Fagliano is known by the elite of the sport as the world’s most renowned polo boot craftsmen.


The Casa Fagliano family has been manufacturing polo boots for over a century. The knowledge and passion for the craft is showcased in every single pair that we make. All the raw materials are hand-picked to only select the finest pieces, resulting in a superior quality and long-lasting product.

Fagliano ready to wear polo boots

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    Our Polo boots are made out of the finest leather available. The outer part of the boot is crafted using four layers of leather, ensuring the boot is of certain thickness to protect the player’s leg from the potential risks that are involved with the sport.

    Each sole is hand welted and stitched with linen threads to insure its durability. The use of linen threads in a footwear, a rare commodity in the industry, displays perfectly the effort put in by the Fagliano to select some of the most noble materials to create each masterpiece.



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