Absolutely unique combination of materials on a bullet-proof rope style haltertemplate, using all the premium properties of cotton and leather, while allowingyour horse's skin to breathe and lowering the danger of potential rope-burn injuryat the same time.


Halter & Rope Set's features:


Cotton rope base: protects the sensitive horse's skin from rashes and allergicreactions, lowers the risk of rope burn due to the surface and friction properties ofnature's most valuable plant based fibre


Genuine leather wrap: protects nasal bones from unnecessary pressure, adds ontothe design in terms of quality, originality and durability, creates patina with everyusage


Handcrafted leather details: transform this halter into a unique piece of art, makesyour halter easily recognisable and part of ES Polo legacy.


The combination of top quality materials, precise craftsmanship and high-end colors is what makes this equestrian headpiece stand out. Keep your horse safe and comfortable at all times!


  • cream
  • burgundy
  • olive
  • hocolate


ES Polo Halter and rope set DELUXE

SKU: ES1010
  • Premium rope halter hand-crafted from cotton rope and genuine leather. Available in four colours



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