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Edition polo helmet, traditional style, covered in leather, with four point harness.

EU certified (PAS015:2011)


Your new helmet will be produced to your specs and will be shipped approximately 4 weeks after purchase.


Please note that the leather helmets are currently only available in black, navy blue, grey, white and brown leather.

Edition polo helmet, leather, with your initials

SKU: TH120001
Strap colour (over top of helmet)
Grommet colour (ventilation)
Colour of initials
  • Edition polo helmet (leather) with EU certification (helmets without CE certification may not be sold in Europe as protective gear):

    - Argentine look but with protection in mind

    - Two years in development

    - Flexible peak

    - Metal retention clip and leather four point harness

    - Removable and washable hat liner

    - Fiberglass outer shell


    Please enter desired colour of stitching in the MESSAGE TO SELLER field.


    If you wish any other customization, please contact us at