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Designed with the help of Australia's and England's leading Polo and Polocrosse players specifically for their comfort and eye protection, these sunglasses, glasses and goggles are now worn by leading players throughout the world.

Blueye uses Grilamide TR90 frame materials. Grilamide is a transparent polyamide with fantastic qualities which is perfect for making sunglasses frames that are tough, durable and stylish. Grilamide's exceptional characteristics include high chemical and stress crack resistance combined with excellent transparency.

The main features of Grilamide TR are:

High Transparency
Good Chemical Resistance
Low Density
Good Flexural Bending Strength
High Heat Distortion Temperature

BluEye Edge polo sunglasses

SKU: BE010000
Polycarbonate lense colour
  • Edge Polo Safety Glasses, Polo Tack – worn by professional polo players. Featuring high impact eye protection and high quality safety equipment. UVA & UVB Protection.

    Aerodynamically shaped to provide flexibility and comfort. Designed specifically for impact protection whilst playing polo and horse riding. Unrestricted Peripheral vision.

    • Certified EN166
    • Certified ANSI Z87.1-2010 ballistic impact and optical requirements
    • Certified AS/NZS 1337.1
    • High impact grilamide frame material
    • Non slip nose pad

    Lens: Shatterproof Polycarbonate decentred.
    Lens Options1. Polycarbonate Smoke Lens. 2. Polycarbonate Clear Lens.