Comfortable roughout polo saddle, handcrafted from dark brown, high quality leather. Designed to provide a safe and confident feel for both amateurs and pros, as it enables the rider to move into and hold the half seat easily. Exceptionally horse friendly with great clearance at withers and with wide memory foam panels. This saddle is made to last!

Ainsley Original Roughout polo saddle

SKU: AP1011
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    The Ainsley Original Roughout polo saddle is hand crafted from dark brown English leather in a roughout style. This "inside out" style gives the saddle more grip and longevity than a saddle covered with suede. Double thickness girth points, stitched together and made to last. 

    The Ainsley Polo saddle comes with an 18" seat, which will suit most players. Please contact us if you need a larger or smaller saddle.


    The Ainsley polo saddle provides all polo players, amateurs to high goal pros, a more atheletic posture and ease of getting into and maintaining the half seat.



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