Seamless run of leather to allow smooth running through the bit rings while riding and playing, with grippy section where it matters. Large loop at girth end for ease of use and speed of tack changes between horses and chukkas. Rubber surface provides perfect grip even in heavy rain.


Available in two lengths:


1) 80" / 200 cm - Perfect length running reins, eliminating knots and tangling around other players, your equipment or your boots.


2) 91" / 228 cm - Extra length running reins (can be paired with the 54" / 135 cm reins) for larger ponies or you just prefer longer, traditional polo reins

Ainsley grippy running reins (two lengths available)

SKU: AP20202
  • Made from soft but robust dark brown, very durable English leather, beautiful quality and excellent stitching. The long running reins have a rope section



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