Black webbing girth in Ainsley design with elastic points on both sides, allowing the girth to be tightened to the perfect amount and never overtightened. The girth is soft and pliable and allows the horse's elbows free movement both backwards and forwards. This girth is the same as AP906, but with the addition of a neoprene sleeve, providing a cushion between the girth and the horse's skin.

In addition, the Ainsley polo girth has surcingle keepers to keep the surcingle in place. The surcingle will therefore not slip behind the girth or become lose. In the correct position, the surcingle can also not be overtightened.

Ainsley girth, elastic, neoprene sleeve and surcingle keepers

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    Black webbing girth with elastic points on both sides. It has a neoprene sleeve and surcingle keepers



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