Curated list of polo academies and trainers


There are many polo instructors around the world, but who do you go to if you really want to understand and master polo riding, to excel at hitting or to improve your game tactics?

We have selected a small number of exceptional training facilities and trainers around the world that go beyond teaching. Learn to understand your horses' psyche and anatomy to improve your riding, the foundation for playing successfully at all levels.

We believe that the listed trainers can improve your confidence and skill level on the field significantly.


Please contact the trainers of your choice directly.

Ainsley Polo Academy.JPG

Ainsley Polo Academy, New Zealand

Ross and Kel Ainsley

Based near Auckland, the Ainsley Polo Academy offers polo instruction for players at all levels. Ross, Kel and numerous visiting instructors share their in-depth understanding of the nature of horses and how we as polo players should interact with our horses to improve our riding and hitting.

Located in beautiful New Zealand, the Ainsley Polo Academy is the place to go for intensive polo training during the winter months in the northern hemisphere.

Visit the Ainsley Polo Academy here


Dubai Polo Academy, U.A.E.

Steve Thompson

Hugely entertaining - and demanding - Steve shares his knowledge honed over many years of teaching polo, changing your bad habits and creating new, productive habits. His teaching is based on a solid understanding on the physics of riding and hitting and you will leave wiser then when you came. 

Enjoying one of the longest polo seasons anywhere, Steve offers offer instruction from September to May

Visit the Dubai Polo Academy here 

Rege Ludwig_edited.jpg

Rege Ludwig (November to April)

Thai Polo Club

Rege Ludwig is an international polo instructor who has coached high goal polo players such as Memo and Carlos Gracida, Clemente and Julio Zavaleta, Sebastian Merlos, Julio Arellano, and Andre Weiss.

Rege’s polo clinics offer a great introduction to polo as well as a refresher course for experienced players. His teaching style, insights and engagement help players at all levels improve their riding, hitting and playing.

Visit Thai Polo Club here

Nalu Pulu.JPG

Nalu Pulu, Sotogrande, Spain

Christian Mellentin

Not a polo training facility in the traditional sense, Nalu Pulu helps you combine polo and surfing. Nalu Pulu is on our list because the two sports complement one another beautifully, as both involve developing a keen sense of balance and muscle memory.

Join Christian on some the best surfing beaches in Europe and grow your sense of balance and core strength that will help you play better polo.

Visit Nalu Pulu here

Saint Cannat Polo_edited.jpg

Saint Cannat Polo Club, France

Olivier Girard

Olivier currently holds an international 5-goal handicap and has been playing polo professionally for over twenty years. During his early career he played with the Gracidas in Palm Beach, gaining invaluable experience in high goal polo.

Olivier will teach you to ride and play as effectively as possible, getting the most from your horses and yourself.


Polo instruction is offered all year.

Visit Saint Cannat Polo Club here